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    Integrity, Teamwork, Expertise and Commitment



    Commitment to Quality

    "At SMS quality is 90 percent attitude and 10 percent technique. We understand that quality is a process and not a destination. The entire organization feels in a constant state of becoming . . . becoming better at everything we do. Our main focus is the organizational development of process skills to ensure that everyone does his or her job right the first time and every time."-Juan Hernandez, President 



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    Client Success Stories

    Office of the Secretary of Defense 


    National Capital Region


    In 2014, SMS was awarded a contract from the Office of the Secretary of Defense to upgrade and modernize the 500 Video Teleconferencing (VTC) and Audio Visual Multi Media (AVMM) centers for the Secretary of Defense at the Pentagon and across the National Capital Region (NCR). The objective was to modernize, standardize and integrate multimedia and...

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    US Air Force


    GCCS and SDIN
    Multiple Sites


    In 2015, the Air Force was looking for an extremely dependable Company to manage and operate two of the Air Forces’ most mission critical systems - the Global Command and Control System (GCCS)...

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    Department of Defense - Washington Headquarters Service


    Mark Center Complex
    Alexandria, VA


    The Mark Center, also known as BRAC-133 project, is the fourth largest building in the National Capital Region (NCR) behind the Pentagon, Ronald Regan Building, and NGA Springfield. The new constructed facility is 1.75 million square feet...

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    Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)


    FEMA Headquarters Cable Plant Project
    Washington, D.C. 


    FEMA had a requirement to upgrade the Cable Infrastructure for their Main HQ located in Washington DC. Part of this upgrade required two new technology rooms to house the network and telephone equipment, racks, patch panels, horizontal and backbone copper and fiber cabling...

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    National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency


    East Campus
    Springfield, VA


    The NGA campus, at 2.3 million square feet is the third-largest Government building in the Washington metropolitan area, and its atrium is spacious enough to hold the Statue of Liberty. SMS was contracted by NGA and General Dynamics to architect...

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    US Army 


    Camp Smith/ Pearl Harbor 
    Oahu, HI


    The Department of the Army had a requirement for a highly secure communications optical fiber link from Pearl Harbor Hawaii to Camp Smith, about a 7 mile run.  The existing pathway was full preventing...

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    The Pentagon


    Arlington, VA


    The Pentagon is the largest low rise office building in the world comprised of 6,500,000 sq. ft. and housing 25,000 DoD and Intelligence Community Personnel.  SMS was contracted by United States Army Information Systems Engineering Command...

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    Department of Defense


    9/11 Emergency Space
    Crystal City, VA


    As the terrorist controlled plane slammed into Wedge 1 of the Pentagon, the world changed forever. Immediately, DoD needed a home for over 3500 displaced military and civilian Pentagon workers. DoD immediately contacted SMS to complete emergency fit out...

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    The Pentagon Renovation


    1777 North Kent Street
    Swing Space
    Arlington, VA


    1777 North Kent Street was the second largest Swing Space facility encompassing 170,000 square feet and housing 850 Pentagon tenants and part of the Pentagon Renovation which drove the demand for local Swing Space facilities while the Pentagon went under renovation.   SMS was commissioned by United States Army Information Systems Engineering Command...

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    The Pentagon Renovation


    1500 Wilson Blvd
    Swing Space
    Arlington, VA


    The Pentagon Renovation drove the demand for local Swing Space facilities while the Pentagon went under renovation.  1500 Wilson Boulevard was a Swing Space facility encompassing 253,000 square feet and housing 1050 Air Force Pentagon tenants...

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