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    Client Success Stories - United States Army

    SMS Project Highlight


    United States Army
    Camp Smith/Pearl Harbor Outside Cable Plant Project
    Oahu, Hawaii


    The Department of the Army had a requirement for a highly secure communications optical fiber link from Pearl Harbor Hawaii to Camp Smith, about a 7 mile run.  The existing pathway was full preventing the addition of the additional cable while traditional methods of directional trenching were not feasible due to strict environmental and zoning restrictions through the eco-sensitive waters of the harbor. DoD had a mission critical need for this new communication path and needed a solution- fast.


    SMS’s seasoned infrastructure team researched a multitude of options to solve this customer’s problem with an economical, technically feasible and eco solution. After researching through 70-year-old records, we identified a 1950’s abandoned 200 pair pressurized lead cased direct buried copper cable from Pearl Harbor to Camp Smith.  Our seasoned infrastructure team discovered a new and innovative process where we injected a lubricant catalyst into the abandoned 200 pair direct buried copper cable and successfully removed the copper pairs leaving the cable sheath and pressurized lead jacket behind.  We then used the empty cable sheath as a conduit to deliver service via an air blown fiber system.  This innovative approach delivered modern, high-speed, secure communication service in less time than traditional replacement and without disruption to the community or a negative impact to the environment.   SMS actually installed the cable ahead of the Government schedule and way below Government cost projections.