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Continuous Monitoring in Federal Agency Networks and how Jumiper Networks can Help!



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See SMS’ CISO talk about the importance of continuous monitoring and cyber threats



Continuous Monitoring

SMS and Juniper have teamed up to help with your agency’s Continuous Monitoring Score Card


Security Operations

With risks increasing and cyber threats evolving, an agency CISO’s only defense is one that allows multiple departments to collaborate and share what outside threats are trying to breach their networks and applications. Tying it all together in a unified IT Security Operation can not only detect the current threat, but also predict future attacks.


SMS understands the dilemma that today’s CISO has when it comes to a well-managed unified IT Security Operations Center that communicates effectively between departments, time zones and even boarders when needed. Our commercially certified Cyber security Engineers work with your agency to assess your security structure, typical and non-typical threats and map out a solution that complies with a myriad of IA policies, separation of duties, and government mandates.


Our approach is to architect, integrate, and manage unified IT Security Operations environment that includes intrusion detection, firewalls, perimeter defense, antivirus, malware, spam, insider threat, and mission production; ensuring implementation of an overall proactive security environment across an enterprise. The SMS unified IT Security Operations solution provides prioritization, oversight and disclosure of key risks and vulnerabilities; and provides end-to-end vulnerability management services throughout the risk life cycle.


SMS’ Cybersecurity Engineers utilize the latest Enterprise Security Management (ESM) tools and technologies in your Unified IT Security Operations Center and provide rapid and transparent updates to keep current with ever-evolving threats. At SMS, we are fully trained and able to leverage the latest hardware and applications necessary to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your IT systems. With the SMS unified IA capability, we are able to reduce regulatory compliance costs, increase your IT infrastructure security with a unified IT proactive system.


Security Operations Capabilities:

  • Centralized management that reduces and mitigates risk of the security infrastructure
  • Better utilization of security personnel and budget to improve efficiencies of scale and reduce cost
  • Faster, more effective response to security threats and incidents
  • Elimination of duplicate efforts and “holes” in security coverage
  • Central enterprise security POC for entire organization
  • Compliance with regulatory IA requirements at lower costs
  • Scalable tools that leverage existing resources
  • Faster delivery of IT security services
  • Provide risk management through centralized analysis using the combined resources consisting of personnel, dedicated hardware and specialized software
  • Offer continuous risk analysis and enhanced protection against intrusion
  • Monitor and analyze firewall activity, Intrusion Detection System (IDS) activity, antivirus activity, individual vulnerabilities, and more.
  • Operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year
  • Provide real-time monitoring, coordinate incident response activities, and issues advisories concerning threats