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"At SMS quality is 90 percent attitude and 10 percent technique. We understand that quality is a process and not a destination. The entire organization feels in a constant state of becoming . . . becoming better at everything we do. Our main focus is the organizational development of process skills to ensure that everyone does his or her job right the first time and every time."-Juan Hernandez, President 



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The following table contains a list of the Category B, Group D Minimum Mandatory Products proposed by SMS for SEWP V. Each product category listed below contains a link to a file containing a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) or other information pertaining to the 508 compliance of the product. All files open in a new window. 


The purpose of the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template, or VPAT™, is to assist Federal contracting officials and other buyers in making preliminary assessments regarding the availability of commercial “Electronic and Information Technology” products and services with features that support accessibility. It is assumed and recommended that offerers will provide additional contact information to facilitate more detailed inquiries. 


The first table of the Template provides a summary view of the Section 508 Standards. The subsequent tables provide more detailed views of each subsection. There are three columns in each table. Column one of the Summary Table describes the subsections of subparts B and C of the Standards. The second column describes the supporting features of the product or refers you to the corresponding detailed table, e.g., “equivalent facilitation." The third column contains any additional remarks and explanations regarding the product. In the subsequent tables, the first column contains the lettered paragraphs of the subsections. The second column describes the supporting features of the product with regard to that paragraph. The third column contains any additional remarks and explanations regarding the product. 



VPAT Categories
Network Management SoftwareWireless Access PointWireless LAN ManagerWireless Bridge
High-End LAN Switch (OEM 1)High-End LAN Switch (OEM 2)Medium Network Router (OEM 1)Medium Network Router (OEM 2)
Large Network RouterRadio EquipmentCell phoneNetwork Diagnostic Tools
Anti-Spam Appliance (OEM 1)Anti-Spam Appliance (OEM 2)Anti-Spyware SoftwareServer-Level Intrusion Protection/Detection Software
Vulnerability Assessment SoftwareVPN ApplianceBiometric Scanning DeviceSmart Card Reader
HDTV Studio Camera SystemProfessional Digital Single Lens Reflex (SLR) CameraConference Room Double Bay Multimedia Lectern750 Watt Studio Light Bulb
High Output Dynamic Vocal MicrophoneStereo SpeakersWall-mounted 46” Wide LED Display42” Digital Monitor Signage
Document KioskTactile Glove Haptic DeviceMedical Exam StationMedical Computer Cart
Cable Tray Straight SectionsCable Installation Hardware: RatchetCable Installation Hardware: Tray CutterComputer Rack Enclosure