Data Analytics

    The amount of data continues to grow exponentially, its often unformatted, unstructured, inaccurate, and seemingly unrelated from multiple sources, resulting in inefficiencies in business process and analysis.  SMS Data Analytics and Data Mining capabilities provide a way to collect, cleanse, correlate, integrate, package and report on masses of messy data so that organizations are able to anticipate and respond to operational threats, better align operations with demand, take advantage of emerging technologies, and transform data into actionable mission intelligence.


    SMS's Data Analytic services go beyond traditional Boolean searches or broad search engines that return significant amounts of non-pertinent results based on questions that potentially eliminate critical results.  Through partnerships with IBM, YaData, Riverbed/OPNET, FFRDCs and others, we establish algorithms that find hidden messaging within data streams, associate social media activity with intelligence collection, and provide a better operational picture to the analyst.  We ensure your systems are effectively protecting data, while operating efficiently and successfully accomplishing your mission goals. SMS delivers analytical expertise that correlates “what’s happening now”, “what happened before”, “what’s probably going to happen” and “what should be done about it”.


    Data Analytics Capabilities:

    • Event Management
    • Data Mining
    • Data Fusion
    • Network Situational Awareness
    • Insider Threat Deterrence and Detection