Modeling and Simulation

    Using commercial Modeling & Simulation tools (i.e. Riverbed/OpNET and Scalable Networks) SMS develops models of customer’s networks, analyze their communications and bandwidth utilizations, and user experience.  We prepare “what if” scenarios to determine what would happen if you put an application into the cloud, increased users, or shifted the geographical location of system users (i.e. troop movement).


    Too often, the answer to slow networks is to buy more bandwidth when more often than not there are more complex TCP windowing and chatty code factors at work.  Our capability enables us to perform root cause analysis allowing our customers to invest with the right focus. Using our tools and expertise, SMS can replicate the user’s experience to understand what they see and can make virtual changes to the network in the modeling software to see if the changes have the desired effects.


    Modeling and Simulation Capabilities:

    • Predicting response times in numerous what-if scenarios
    • Validating solutions to performance problems before deployment
    • Ensuring efficient, effective infrastructure investments
    • Developing models as required for use in testing configuration changes, network designs, application performance and similar functions.
    • Conducting network and application diagnostics.
    • Monitoring & Alerting
    • Triage & Troubleshooting