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"At SMS quality is 90 percent attitude and 10 percent technique. We understand that quality is a process and not a destination. The entire organization feels in a constant state of becoming . . . becoming better at everything we do. Our main focus is the organizational development of process skills to ensure that everyone does his or her job right the first time and every time."-Juan Hernandez, President 



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Hiring Veterans

SMS has a long-standing commitment to successfully transitioning America's veterans by providing exciting opportunities for them to continue contributing to the security of our nation, even after their military service. Much of our work relates to the military and can be easily transitioned over. In short, we value and look for the training and leadership skills candidates gain specifically from the military.


If you are a military veteran transitioning into the civilian lifestyle and job market, click here to continue serving your country through an exciting career with SMS.


More reasons for a candidate transitioning out of the military to come experience SMS!

  • Transitioning military bring unique skills, leadership experience and extensive real life experience that we highly value at SMS.
  • SMS has employed veterans at all levels of our organization from technicians to engineers to executive management.
  • We value the service you have done for our country and look forward to providing you the opportunity to continuing that service in your employment at SMS.
  • SMS takes great pride and appreciation in those who proudly serve our country and make extraordinary commitments to our nation. We know that the same commitment and dedication will continue for our customer’s mission as well.