Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA)

    Mission oriented Government organizations require unique solutions whose collective people, policies, processes, and technologies promote universal trust among stakeholders. Assuring that all components work harmoniously is the heart of SMS’s Government focused SETA Services Team. Our services ensure project success by transparency, communication and educating the project management team on industry best practices including an escalation path for issues and inhibitors of project success.


    SMS provides Systems Engineering and Technical assistance in three primary areas:

    • Planning and managing successful programs and projects
    • Developing and managing effective contracts
    • Identifying and applying technologies and technical approaches


    Across these functions, SMS provides the commercially certified technical and project management resources agencies need to successfully implement complex programs. Our people work side by side with agency employees to:


    • Analyze and specify requirements
    • Provide technical and engineering support
    • Assess, plan, develop, and implement processes
    • Apply industry best practice frameworks
    • Develop project strategies, budgets, and schedules
    • Monitor and evaluate performance
    • Develop and implement acquisition strategies
    • Capture and provide data for decision support
    • Provide Independent Verification and Validation


    We achieve our quality deliverables and metrics by assessing products and processes throughout the project lifecycle. In addition, our staff facilitates early detection and correction of errors, enhances management insight into risks, and ensures compliance with project performance, schedule, and budget requirements.