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Cyber Architecture and Engineering

SMS' IT Architects and Engineers, have designed and implemented thousands of networks and applications that have incorporated the most advanced cyber security safeguards for their mission critical applications. SMS has led many DoD and IC major programs such as the Pentagon Renovation, National Military Command Center, BRAC relocations, new agency campus construction, DISA Joint Information. Environment (JIE) and the Joint Regional Security Stack (JRSS) to name a few.  

  • Cloud and Virtualization Security 
    SMS has designed and fielded some of the largest Government private clouds for the Intelligence Community (IC), transitioned thousands of traditional and stove-piped applications to the virtual cloud environment, and fielded an excess of 50,000 zero client multi-network desktops. Additionally, SMS has designed hybrid public private cloud environments to include multi-level environments.  SMS is a registered cloud broker for Amazon, Microsoft, and Salesforce FEDRAMP Certified environments.

  • Cyber Defensive Systems
    SMS was one of the original architects for cyber defense in depth systems in the late 80s and early 90s, building the Pentagon, OSD, JCS, and Navy cyber architectures to include the cyber architecture for the National Military Command Center and alternate site after 9/11. SMS has some of the most recognized cyber engineers who have designed IDS/IPS, Firewalls, Antivirus, Antispam, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Forensics, and advanced Persistent Threat platforms.

  • Cyber Weapon System Development
    Over the past several years, DoD and specifically the Air Force has re-categorized cyber tools and applications into cyber weapon systems to recognize the new war domain created by DoD. Many DoD and IC customers again turned to SMS to help them with their platform development and operation. SMS has been instrumental in developing cyber weapon systems such as DCIANS, NSA X1 insider threat, Army Big Data Analytics, and similar systems such as, assured Compliance Assessment Solution (ACAS), Automated Remediation Asset Discovery (ARAD), and the Air Force Cyber Security and Control System (CSCS), and Hunting Systems. SMS has been on the forefront developing non-signature based applications, artificial intelligence and tools to combat Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) and zero day attacks.