Mobility Solutions

Mobile devices are proliferating federal, state and local agency enterprises at an exponential rate, and now most people can’t conceive what it would be like to be without them. However, with the growing number of device platforms, devices and operating system versions available, large agencies are facing new and complex mobile device management (MDM) challenges to strike a balance between usability, security and control. And with the information that they can access can introduce a significant threat to both the security of the agency and the constituents that they serve.   Government agencies are under increased pressures to cut costs, minimize risk, and keep pace with the ever evolving mobile device world. They are seeking a modern, secure and affordable mobility solution that simply works. This includes BYOD solutions with a reliable platform allowing people to easily stay connected while in the office, or off-site.  All of this with the same speed, look, feel, access and overall user experience as their personal device regardless of time or place.   At SMS, our mobility solutions for government agencies are tailored to meet both user and operational decision maker’s needs. Keeping them connected to operations during crisis with speed, reliability and security is at the forefront of your concern. The paybacks of a solid mobility program include increased employee satisfaction and productivity, as well as significant opportunities for cost savings and process improvement.  We ensure that the mobile enterprise we deploy enables flexibility, scalability and connectivity for your employees, while fulfilling compliance requirements.